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04 Feb 2012
Internet and websites are booming with huge number of users increasing with each passing day. Websites require to be hosted with the help of web hosting. In the process of web hosting, a part of a server is given to the organization on a leased basis for hosting the websites. When a part of the server is leased out then this process is referred to as Shared Hosting. However, this process is a bit less efficient and can lead to contradiction with other services that are also hosted on a shared basis on the same server. This problem can be eradicated with the help of dedicated servers.

Dedicated servers offer web hosting for a single website and that server is used only for that particular hosting. Organizations hosting their websites can have full access and control over the dedicated servers. The choice of operating system can also be done by the organization. The operating systems that are most in use when it comes to dedicated servers are Windows and Linux. Now, a question might pop up regarding which one is better. This question simply has no appropriate answer to it. The choice generally depends upon user requirements. That is, the one that will suit requirements of a user is apt for that particular user.

Windows dedicated server has its advantages and disadvantages. Windows being the more popular one is also the choice of most of the users. The programming languages supported by Windows dedicated server encompass ASP.NET and ColdFusion. Windows servers employ the use of MS Access or SQL Server as its database. Disadvantages include lack of effective security as Windows operating system itself is a prime target of cyber hackers.

On the other hand, Linux dedicated server has far better security management. The Linux operating system is seldom attacked by hackers and even if attacked, the hackers dont get success in creating something amounting to excessive damage. Linux being an open source is easy to get when compared to Windows and is also economically effective than Windows. The programming languages supported by a Linux dedicated server include PHP, Perl etcetera while the database preferred is MySQL.

The above mentioned facts matter when going for a dedicated server as one must be comfortable with the programming languages and database supported by the dedicated server. Summing up, its the requirements which are the most important aspect to be considered when going for a dedicated server.

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