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01 Sep 2014
Find Best Hosting Company Offering Windows Dedicated Server for Your Webhosting Solutions

windows dedicated server

Windows Dedicated Server

If you have a website designed to make your presence online check out for the best company offering professional hosting services for 100% uptime with fast and reliable solutions to offer best services to your online visitors. There are in fact many different types of hosting services offered by a company and dedicated server is one type of hosting service where unlike the shared server is totally allocated to a single customer giving them full access over the server to choose the operating system as well as hardware on which the server has to run for optimizing their website services...

08 Jul 2014
Why Choose A Dedicated Server Hosting?

Windows Dedicated Server

The most important decision you will have to make as the administrator of your online business is the selection of the right hosting package and there are three main options and they are dedicated server, shared and colocation hosting. Now, let us get into the details about how dedicated hosting would be the better alternative as compared to the others.

If you do not want to share your server with others like shared hosting, but cannot afford to purchase and maintain your own system as colocation hosting, the best thing you can do is to opt for a dedicated hosting. This means that it is a machine, wherein the software and...

30 Jun 2014

Windows dedicated server

Dedicated Server–A Rescue To Business Websites
Experts point out different reasons as to why website owners should opt for windows dedicated server. Of course, as most of us know, the important reason behind the introduction of these alternatives is to provide full control over the server to the owner of the portal and they no longer will have to share the bandwidth and space with any other portals.
 windows dedicated server
When it comes to starting an internet-based business, different options are available. According to a study conducted by the UCLA, it was found that nearly 90 percent of the Americans have access to the World Wide Web. Not only business portals, but...

04 Feb 2012
Internet and websites are booming with huge number of users increasing with each passing day. Websites require to be hosted with the help of web hosting. In the process of web hosting, a part of a server is given to the organization on a leased basis for hosting the websites. When a part of the server is leased out then this process is referred to as Shared Hosting. However, this process is a bit less efficient and can lead to contradiction with other services that are also hosted on a shared basis on the same server. This problem can be eradicated with the help of dedicated servers.

Dedicated servers offer web hosting for a single website and that server is used only for that particular hosting. Organizations hosting...